Development Installation

Development sources

Microscope development sources are available on GitHub. To install the current development version of Microscope:

git clone
python3 -m pip install microscope/

Consider using editable mode if you plan to make changes to the project:

python3 -m pip install --editable microscope/

Multiple Microscope versions

The Python package system does not, by default, handle multiple versions of a package. If installing from development sources beware to not overwrite a previous installation. A typical approach to address this issue is with the use of virtual environments.

Un-merged features

Some features are still in development and have not been merged in the main branch. To test such features you will need to know the branch name and the repository where such feature is being developed. For example, to try Toshiki Kubo’s implementation of the Mirao52e deformable mirror:

git remote add toshiki
git fetch toshiki
git checkout toshiki/mirao52e
python3 -m pip install ./