Microscope is a library for the control of microscope devices. Provision of a graphical user interface for the control of a microscope itself is outside the scope of the project (we recommend the use of Cockpit or PYME).

Still, during development, both of the microscope and support for new modules, a GUI can be useful. For example, check what a camera is acquiring, emitting light, checking if all methods are working as expected. For this purpose, there is the microscope-gui program as well as a microscope.gui module with Qt widgets.

The microscope-gui program provides a minimal GUI for each device type. It requires the device server. For example:

microscope-gui FilterWheel PYRO:SomeFilterWheel@localhost:8001

Start a program to control the filter wheel of the device being served with Pyro at SomeFilterWheel@localhost:8001.

The widgets are purposedly kept simple. This is because the aim of these widgets is to support development and we want to minimise issues in the widgets code which could be interpreted as issues on the hardware or on the device control code.