microscope.mirror.alpao module

class microscope.mirror.alpao.AlpaoDeformableMirror(serial_number: str, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: microscope.devices.TriggerTargetMixIn, microscope.devices.DeformableMirror

Class for Alpao deformable mirror.

The Alpao mirrors have support for hardware triggering. By default, it will be configured for software triggering, and trigger once.

_find_error_str() → str[source]

Get an error string from the Alpao SDK error stack.

Return type:A string. Will be empty if there was no error on the stack.
static _normalize_patterns(patterns: numpy.ndarray) → numpy.ndarray[source]

Alpao SDK expects values in the [-1 1] range, so we normalize them from the [0 1] range we expect in our interface.

apply_pattern(pattern: numpy.ndarray) → None[source]

Apply this pattern.

next_pattern() → None[source]

Apply the next pattern in the queue.

A convenience fallback is provided.

queue_patterns(patterns: numpy.ndarray) → None[source]

Send values to the mirror.

  • patterns (numpy.array) – An KxN elements array of values in the range [0 1], where N equals the number of actuators, and K is the number of patterns.
  • convenience fallback is provided for software triggering is (A) –
  • provided.
set_trigger(ttype, tmode)[source]

Set device for a specific trigger.